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<Ooo XX o Xxxxx> {This relates to the album title, so we will let you know about this later}

[Recording log: Exile Project]

Sometime passed the summer of 2021,

the 1st studio album of Atom Music Heart will be released.

We have finished about 70% of the song work,

and we will be starting the initial recording session from January on. 

The members of AMH will spend much time in the studio, 

and we would like to record every step of the way.

Hope you join us to this journey.  

1> Recording log 


Below, we made an example log of each recording session.

It will be the record containing following information;


—> WHAT we worked

—> HOW we recorded or did

—> with WHICH device

—> for how many HOURS


—> with which Recording ENGINEERS

It will be tedious and very last detailed information.

It won't have much entertaining elements.

Rather, it will be more like a record of a blacksmith polishing iron, 

hammering the stone to reach the intensity of desired.  

Quite mundane, but at the very end of this candid achieve,

We all will meet the 1st studio album of Atom Music Heart. 

2> Polaroid photo and short story


Recording log itself can be little difficult to follow 

since it will contain words we use in the music recording field of profession. 

Achieve #2 will be much easier to follow.

It will be a Polaroid photo and short episode about the photo.

Or it could something completely unrelated to the picture

but something that happened in the studio while making / recording music. 

3> Youtube Video Log

In the red ocean of Youtube content world,

we are not capable of making such fine videos

nor we would like to follow such grammar

of making current so called content videos. 

It may not even have any conversation in it.

We just want to have visual record of making an album.


This can be us eating lunch during the record session,

or walking dogs after frustrating recording, 

or experiencing with different fuzz pedals. 

We do not have anything to show you as an example

but now is a good time to subscribe our Youtube channel.

Thank you!

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